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School stuffssss

So, I wasn't sure who was working on how the house was organized and stuff, so for my own functionality, i came up with some houses. If someone's already done that, though, I bow to them!!

Here's what I"m going to submit for class scheduling.

Houses: Leopard, Tsessebe, Elephant, Shrike, Waterbuck, and Eagle (all houses use the animal they are named for as their mascot; Eagle uses the African Hawk Eagle)

Length of Attendence: Seven Years

Transfiguration - basis of any real magical education, one of the pillars of magic, transfiguration is a must in any child's education.

Charms - the second pillar of magic, charms are used every day to boil water, find missing shoes, or any other number of things. All students must learn this most basic of magics.

Potions - a lot like cooking, a lot like Muggle chemistry, and possibly the most dangerous of the magical basics. Potions is one of the three things every witch or wizard needs in their life, whether they think they will or not.

English - One of two primary languages in South Africa, with five years of compulsory grammar, reading, and pronunciation, with an additional two years elective.

Afrikaans - The other of the two primary languages in South Africa, five years of compulsory grammar, reading, and pronunciation, with an additional two years elective.

Mathematics - Everyone needs math! Five years worth, and then no more required math courses, but stends can take it as an elective for years six and seven.

Magical HIstory - Starts with local history through years one and two, then progresses through continental and later international history. Required for all seven years.

Astronomy - five years compulsory, follows a similar pattern to the progression of history: years one and two are regional, year three, continental, year four and five, international. Must of Astronomy relies on historical information as well, and often explores local myth and legend.

starting at year three:

Independent Language Study- Students may take as many as they can comfortably handle, provided they do not drop any of their core classes. Available: Ndebele, Northern SOtho, Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa, and Zulu. Students will work with a professor who speaks the language chosen, either singly or in groups, depending on how many students are interested, and work at their own pace to learn the language.

Divination - focuses primarily on African methods of divining, such as casting bones. Has a bent toward learning religious diferences in the first two years, in an academic manner, with later independent studies depending on which branch of divination students lean toward.

Magical Creatures - a class that starts with, in the first year, learning the classifications of magical creatures, and then moves onto identification, care of, and if pursued into years six and seven, breeding of non-restricted species, dependent upon student interest.

International Magic - for students interested in the approach other countries take in learning and practicing magic, this course is designed to show students new ways of doing things, and inspire them to broader thoughts. Includes a semester exchange option.

Muggle Studies - important information regarding muggles and the approach to education, life, and politics they have. Once a student chooses this as an elective, it is three years compulsory (3-5), with two additional years for advanced studies, including a semester exchange option.


Professor Abidemi Sylla - Transfiguration, head of Leopard House : Age: 68. Professor Sylla has taught transfiguration at MAMA for thirty years. Prior to that, she worked for the South African Ministry of Magic, in the Ministry for Transfigurative Misuse (similar to the Misuse of Muggle artifacts department in Britian, but not limited to muggle artifacts). Five years ago, she took over as the head of Leopard house.

Professor Chinwe Adesina - Magical Creatures, Swazi: Age: 43. Professor Adesina is from Swaziland (part of the reason she was hired was to replace the professor who taught Swazi in the language program). She has a replacement arm that is almost unnoticable unless touched. It looks and functions exactly as a real arm does. When asked how she lost it, she never tells the same story twice, giving the students a wide range of speculative rumors to choose from and expound upon. Current most popular theory: a werejaguar tore it from her when she was fending it off duing a full moon.

Professor Fumnanya Nwosu - Divination, Tsonga : Age: 34. Professor Nwosu has been with MAMA for thirteen years. Hired by the headmistress prior to the current one, he has participated in the complete restructuring of the Divination course of study. He says of his field, "Imprecise, often impractical, but important to learn for those few who have the true gift, Divination is mostly about fun and learning how little we actually know of this magical art." Also participates in the language program, teaching students his native Tsonga.

Professor Zuberi Oyinlola - Mathematics: Age: 81. Professor Oyinlola is approaching retirement, but is highly active, leading the extracurricular Dueling Club as well as teaching all levels of Mathematics in the school. He has several years of muggle math experience as well as magical math.

Professor Elisabeth Montgomery - English, International Magic: Age: 36. One of three English professors, Professor Montgomery handles years six and seven, as well as the International Magic elective. Born in London, attended Hogwarts until she was fifteen, then transfered to Beauxbatons until she finished, wandered the globe learning about different types of magic until she landed in South Africa and at MAMA.



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